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Lawn & Garden Guide

Did you know?

While mosquito bites are often harmless, some mosquitoes may transmit diseases and viruses such as malaria, dengue virus and the Zika...

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Recognizing and addressing grub infestations

Lawns face many threats, not the least of which is grubs. The larvae of certain types of insects, including beetles, grubs feed on the...

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Help plants survive sizzling summer heat

Many people consider summer the most enjoyable time of year, as the summer sun and warm breezes make the season perfect for rest and...

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How to keep animals out of your garden

Many gardeners understand the frustration that stems from seeing a garden destroyed by wildlife. While protecting wildlife is a cause...

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Helpful and harmful insects

Although it's virtually impossible to count them, insects are the most diverse group of organisms on the planet. Nine hundred thousand...

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Stay safe when gardening in hot weather

Gardening is widely considered as relaxing a hobby as it is rewarding. Although gardening when temperatures are mild, such as in spring and...

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