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Family Life

How first-time parents can cope with colic

First-time parents face many challenges upon bringing their new babies home. One of the more frustrating challenges new parents may face is...

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How to encourage kids to take care of their teeth

Parents of young children know that getting kids to brush their teeth can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. Kids have a long history of...

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How families can go green together

Interest in eco-friendly lifestyles has long since spread beyond environmentalists and activists and has become a goal for people from all...

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How to prevent household poisonings

People never want to think of their homes as dangerous places, but the average home has its share of hazards. According to the Centers for...

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Did you know?

Playgrounds are meant to be entertaining outdoor respites and places where children can engage in some much-needed fun and exercise. But...

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How music and singing benefits children

Music is everywhere: on the radio, in movies and television shows and as a backdrop when shopping or celebrating milestones. Music is an...

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