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Women Today

What women should know about gum health

Oral health is something everyone should make a priority, but women may have some extra needs that aren't frequently discussed or apparent....

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Understanding and treating cellulite

A lot of misinformation is circulating about cellulite, a condition that affects around 90 percent of women at some point in their lives....

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How busy moms can make mealtime easier

Working mothers make up a sizable portion of the modern workforce. According to the United States Department of Labor, as of 2015 69.9...

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Post-pregnancy and exercise

Upon giving birth, women typically have pretty lengthy to-do lists. Caring for their newborns might take the top spot on such lists, but...

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Strategies to create a better work-life balance

Parents with responsibilities at work and at home commonly struggle to find balance between these two often conflicting sets of...

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How young women can land the right internship

Internships provide great opportunities for young women to get their professional feet wet. While classroom lessons provide theoretical...

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