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Fall Home & Garden

How to create an effective workflow in the kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen makeovers are some of the most coveted and profitable improvements that can be made to a home. Installing new...

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How to make bedrooms more conducive to sleep

Insufficient sleep causes more problems than many people may know. Fatigue after a poor night's sleep might seem like an inconvenience that...

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How to plant a tree for successful growth

More sunlight and warm temperatures frequently inspire homeowners to spend more time in the great outdoors during spring and...

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How to protect a coastal property

Many people dream of owning coastal properties. Some aspire to have a home away from home for vacations or long weekends, while others move...

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Dos and don’ts for second-floor laundry rooms

Laundry can be a cumbersome chore. In homes with more than one story, clothes are put in a hamper, carried down to the washer and dryer,...

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Prevent stairway injuries

Stairs are a necessity in many homes. While stairs serve a practical purpose, they also have the potential to be dangerous. According to...

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